21 Reasons To Drink In L.A.

21 reasons to drink in L.A. is an ongoing project I started years ago. My idea is to photograph 21 of the best female bartenders in L.A., the ones who keep the customers coming back.

No. 9

This is Ancorneil AC. She worked at the Sunset Room when I met her. She may seem a little unapproachable but if you do she will have you laughing in minutes. She has a great sense of humor and a great  love of life. She is now persuing her passion which is singing.

1 Response to “21 Reasons To Drink In L.A.”

  1. 1 gareth
    July 10, 2011 at 6:17 PM

    Hi Ancorneil, just wanted to say that….. YOU!!!! are what a woman is suppose to look like…. true GODDESS!!! ur smile that brights up any room…. ur eyes… can get lost in them!!! and ur PERFECT BODY!!! i must say that you look DAMN good in everything i’ve seen you wear!!! i’ve been following you & your career and i wish you all the best…..hope you can make it real BIG!!!

    will continue to be ur number 1 FAN!!!

    stay as true and sweet as you always do Ana!!!

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