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21 reasons to drink in L.A.

21 reasons to drink in L.A. is an ongoing project I started years ago. My idea is to photograph 21 of the best female bartenders in L.A., the ones who keep the customers coming back.

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The first bartender is Julia, a friend of mine who was assisting me during the day on photo shoots and tending bar at night at Bar Marmont.  


These bartenders have a kind of rock-star status. They are in charge and this is a big plus when mixing people and drinks.

 Even though I bring my aesthetic to the shoot when I photograph them in their home environment, its still a very collaborative process. It’s about how they see themselves and how they would like to be seen.

The bartenders I photograph are recommended to me by other bartenders and friends. I will add more of these photos I have shot each week.

Since people move on I need to continually update. If you, the viewer, know a bartender you’d like to recommend, just leave her name and/or the bar’s name in the Comments section or you can ask her to contact me through Comments. This information will not be posted.

The end result of this project will be a book of 21 of your favorite bartenders in L.A. and expand to other cities.

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